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Re: Help getting started with RAW

pannayar wrote:

I have never done RAW before, but am very eager to enter that department. Looked for various online starting tips... don't know where exactly to start. I do not have photoshop with me. I have a few canon cameras that can shoot RAW (with CHDK). Picasa (and Irfanview) seems to be able to open them. The CHDK menu also has a radio button for "DNG". Do I need that?

DNG is a commonly well known wrapped raw file pioneered by Adobe.

Also own a Panasonic LX7 and E-PL1 that can shoot RAW. Should I install the software that came with them (Silkypix?) to develop RAW?

Silkypix comes with the Panasonic cameras but is cut down and for my G2 does not emulate or reflect the camera processing engine. You can buy full Silkypix if you want but it is not as internationally used as Adobe Lightroom. I use Corel Aftershot Pro. Raw Therapee is free.

Olympus comes with or can be used with Olympus Viewer 2 - this is a program that offers more and patient adjustment and has pretty near the same picture engine as the Olympus cameras - which I like.

One of my motivations to try RAW is to try and bring out the dynamic range in the images. I have been doing bracketing and exposure blending with gimp / photomatix and am generally happy with the results. I am wondering if doing RAW would mean I do not have to resort to bracketing etc, but do it all in one shot (assuming the camera has a good dynamic range)...

HDR blending and tone mapping is HDR.

Raw processing allows the colours and tones to be more liberated than JPEG - in computer terms, raw has more data than the 8 bit JPEG.

The two methods yield different "looks"

Feels like a freshman in college. Thanks for any help.

ps: GIMP was not able to open the canon's .CRW file, saying unrecognized format. Was a bit surprising to me since I thought GIMP is pretty powerful...

Use either one of the other raw programs or use UFRAW that is free, save to TIFF and then open in Photoshop or similar program

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