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Mark H
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Wrong forum for 'photo sharing'...

arcobaleno wrote:

.... Moreover, I like photography even more than new gear and would like to see on this forum more interesting pics instead of endless and often empty talk on tech features.

Well you really are in the wrong forum...

Quote: "Welcome to the Fujifilm FinePix Talk Forum, the place to discuss Fujifilm compact digital cameras.

...the photo sharing forums can be found elsewhere.

[Message from Mod] Mark, this is uneccessary from you or other users to comment on. Please be concerned about your own forum behaviour which has been less than ideal over the past few days.

And that would be great to see in those photos something different from flowers, birds, cats, leaves on the ground and landscapes taken from the bedroom window.

Take your pick... Flickr, Picassa, PBase, to name just a few - and you'll instantly find thousands upon thousands of photos 10x, 100x, better and more inspiring than anything you'll see here.

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