The full frame video myth

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Re: The full frame video myth

William Porter wrote:

jydurocher wrote:

There are a couple of myths regarding Full Frame video shooting, they need some exploration.

Hope this help some who want to know…

I want to know but I'm a video virgin and you lost me just after "exploration".

What is the "myth"? By calling it a myth, I'm guessing your point is that it's something people commonly believe but that just isn't true. Am I warm? Is the myth that there isn't really any "full frame video"? What do we call video taken on (say) an A99 or a Canon 6D? Told you, I'm a real beginner.



The myth is that you need the biggest sensor to take the best video. It's common here for the A-99 and their Canon and Nikon counterparts forum. It has almost become an aticle of faith that unless you shoot video with a full frame camera you are not shhoting real video.

Which is to be polite 'untrue'.

The best way for a virgin to loose that status is to learn by the book and get some exercise. May I suggest the Vimeo Video School, perfect from beginners, and old geezer like me. You always learn something when you admit your ignorance, the ignorant never learns and believes the myth.

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