The Trinity has Arrived - Question on Lens Shadow

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Re: The Trinity has Arrived - Question on Lens Shadow

RP McMurphy wrote:

It's 1/60 sec at f22, could have had a perfectly sharp shot without flash and without diffraction so I dont know why he needs to spend even more money to combat a problem caused by a basic error

Well, in this case I am in full agreement, but in future DC might be in situation when he needs to shood @ 1/30th sec and f=2.8 ISO 6400 and still need the flash. I treated posted pic just as an example of the problem which I admit I experienced as well.

Equally from that distance a direct flash would be horrible, lens barrel and cap in the way or not, no need for flash, no need to spend extra money, and unlikely the OP will be playing with off camera flash a) because the basics still 'appear' to be lacking, so unlikely to be setting it up in commander mode and b) taking a picture of half a dog in a kitchen from a standing position is unlikely to merit positioning a flash off camera, nor is he likely to hold said flash off camera with equipment too heavy to hold single handedly

14-24 wouldn't be affected with SB-xxx if you bounce it

Agreement again - niether when one uses CLS mode and off-the camera flash. But with direct flash it will still be affected. Won't it?

OTOH bouncing the flash is a great idea - much simpler than CLS.

Regarding capabilities and knowledge - one learns best by own mistakes, do not underapreciate person because of one picture posted.

(My first portrait with SB as back spot-light made my son's ears shining flash through in funny tuna-like colour, but hey... finally sort of learnt to cut down power of the SB).

DC: take it easy. Do not bother with certain comments regarding your equipment etc.

Enjoy photography and pictures.

(BTW my wife takes better looking pictures with her phone than I do with D700 and Trinity - I've got equipment, she's got talent and good eye).

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