Am I nuts? Nepal with just the X100.

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Re: Am I nuts? Nepal with just the X100.

mark finn wrote:

I'm lucky enough to be going to Nepal for three weeks on a work trip, and was going to take my Xpro-1, 18-55 and 35mm. However the closer the trip gets the more I'm drawn to the idea of just taking the X100.

Because it’s a work trip I won't be trekking, and will be spending a lot of time on the streets of Kathmandu and Pokhara. I know the XP-1 will give me more flexibility, but I've never found the fixed lens on the X100 much of a limitation anyway. Plus the X100 can just sit in my day bag in its leather case, whereas the XP-1 will need a proper camera bag.

So what would you do if in my position?

I use one focal length for 90% of my shooting: 50mm, and 85mm for the other 10%. I find landscapes for me are best shot tight. It's probably because I've not figured out how to handle a wide angle lens. Though when I do, I shoot 28mm.

The X100 should be all you need as long as you love and respect the focal length you shoot at.

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