Ipad experts please help backing up photos

Started Jan 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
Cyril Catt Veteran Member • Posts: 4,490
Re: Ipad experts please help backing up photos

Akjos, I agree with you. The iPads have great possibilities but are crippled by their iOS and poor connectivity. So they are not stand-alone machines, but must always be apron-strung to a  computer.

I would like to use their fantastic latent abilities to check my cameras' photos whilst travelling, then backup to USB memory sticks and/or SDHC cards or portable HDD. Getting camera pics into the iPad is easy. Getting them out to memory devices without some other linkup seems impossible.

And as for the necessity to always use the arcane, convoluted, grown-like topsy, iTunes labyrinth to do some simple transfer, #$%^&*!

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