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I have no issues on my nex-6 with 1650 kit lens.

AF-S mode with shifting centre focus mode. Makes no difference if the focus widget is not in the centre. Subject distance range from inches to each other to 12 feet from each other.

Works like the youtube video across 5.6 to 7.1 at 35mm 40mm 50mm in indoor lighting using 2 x 18w energy saving daylight bulbs which are not very bright.

There are no issues in outdoor daylight conditions.

One tip, the center focus widget do NOT like horizontal lines. Rotate cam slightly for sure-footed focus lock on horizontal lines or shapes.

The PDAF really shines when focus points are within 2 feet of each other, very quick with zero hunting in these conditions.

For fast moving subjects, I wouldn't buy ANY current mirrorless camera and even many dslrs are not up to the mark.

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