Yellow K-01 + 40mm lens for US $316.

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anthony mazzeri
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Re: What voltage ? 110 or 240v au charger >

NexMan wrote:

steve_K10D wrote:

Paul Panetta wrote:

steve_K10D wrote:

Ian J G wrote:

I got international shipping on mine


maybe to belgium , not to australia , perhaps they figure the au dollar is too high and we will get them too cheap lol

I placed an order yesterday (Jan 7th) and they accepted it for shipping to Australia. It is shown as out of stock though so waiting to see if it actually comes through. Definitely a great price!


Paul P

I am hoping if buying from the u.s. that the recharge will be suitable for australian 240v power supply,didnt think of this before ?

It will work fine, you just need to buy one of these adapters...

Does the K-01 charger not come with a standard power cable like this so you can just swap it for a local version?

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