How much light does CNTL flash "spill" into scene?

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Re: sybersitizen is right (again) — the ANSWER

Glenn wrote:

William, 1 more quick test for you to satisfy this HSS question. Take your flash and trigger flash into a room with a mirror and shoot a self portrait with and without HSS enabled.

This is what it looks like.. (and by it I didn't mean me)

Without HSS

Wireless without HSS

With HSS enabled

HSS Enabled, Note the main flash is in the exposure and the pop up isn't. The triggering pulse begins and ends entirely before the exposure.

Did a little testing with my A99, F60M as CTRL and F58AM as RMT, ratio set to "-":4:4.

I found that with HSS enabled (which also means no bouncing on CTRL to get HSS), S mode or M mode 1/300 or faster on the A99 I will get same result as aove bottom pic.

I guess if you want shutter speed of 1/250 or slower on the A99, you will have to use the exposed film/IR only method. It was shown here on this forum that if you use F20AM as trigger, the proctective bag works great as light blocker but lets the IR through.

Just for curiousity I tested FEL lock to avoid the lag in above setup and yes, no delay and same results as before. So if your subject is in front of floor to ceiling windows your trigger flash does not have to show up in the picture!

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