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Re: GX1+Adapter

ItsEd wrote:

baxters wrote:

What kind of Canon mount is the question? Is this a 50mm for a modern Canon DSLR or is it from the old SLR's from before 1987? You can get adapters for either, but the choice of lens will affect their ease of use.

If you just want a cheap old Canon FD 50mm f1.8 from the 70's, they are common and should be cheap. $20 in a resale store, and an adapter is like $15 on ebay.

Im getting the updated 50mm

by "updated 50mm" I am guessing you mean the EOS version (an "EF" lens ?).  Definitely some issues with that because the electronic contacts controlling the aperture arent compatible with m43.   The older ("FD") lens that Baxters advised above is actually better on m43 since it has a manual aperture control.  Its more or less the same glass.  I have an old all metal one from my old Canon F1 film camera.  The FD->m43 adaptor is about £20/$20 on ebay.

I actually have a few old film lenses on m43 for portraits.  I have the Nikon E series 50mm f/1.8 and the Minota 45mm f/2 as well, both fairly cheap and compact (both need adaptors of course)

Best of luck..

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