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Re: A question from a total beginner

byawk wrote:

You guys have given some great advice! I'm learning so much!

As I browse through different telescopes, I see different focal lengths (800mm, or 1100mm, etc). Is this on the same scale as SLR lenses? For example, should I be able to see four times as far with an 800mm telescope as I can with a 200mm lens on a full-frame SLR? Or is there some sort of magnification factor I'm missing?

I would say no with respect to magification, which it sounds as thought this is what you are asking about. Actually when you're doing visual astonomy it's not so much about magnification as it is light gathering power. In other words 100X with a 4" mirror won't show as good an image as 100X with a 10" mirror, obvious I know. Also higher magnification means that any atmosphere disturbance will also be magnified.

With a scope you can change out the eye piece to change magnification, with a camera this is not the case, I hope I have provided at least a start to answer your question

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