UEFI, does it offer an advantage for a Win 8 PC?

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Re: UEFI, does it offer an advantage for a Win 8 PC?

AwkwardSwine wrote:

kcbeatty wrote:

My Dell PC came with Win 7 installed on a 250 Gig SSD. It also came with the UEFI disabled.

Now that I have installed Win 8 is there an advantage to enabling the UEFI? I'm not familiar with this technology.

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Speed and Security. Faster boot time may be possible with UEFI due to less "bios initialization time". You also get Secure Boot which closes some security holes that malware can exploit.

It's likely you will have to do a clean install of Windows 8, though, to gain the fastest boot times with UEFI. Windows 8 requires some additional partitions to take full advantage.

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