Nikon tacky advertising in canada

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Re: Nikon tacky advertising in canada

Big Ga wrote:

Jon Stock wrote:

marketing was tacky.

Yes. Disgraceful.

What we need is intelligent, provocative and thoughtful advertising designed to stimulate intellectual debate rather than appeal to Neanderthalesque base emotions.

Hmmm ... how about a picture of a bunch of blokes waiting at a railway station staring at a pretty Japanese girl with large breasts ??

That Olympus ad is actually pretty creative, based on the cultural context:

- In Japan, large breasted women are incredibly rare. In a country of 100 million you couldn't find a woman with B-cups if you were walking outside for a week. And so women cover themselves up. The ad shows this rare "once-in-a-blue-moon" moment, and because Japanese men are supposed to not show any outward feelings, they generally do things in a stealthy/secretive manner (which I, as a resident in Japan, don't really like, but that kind of behaviour is acceptet in Japanese society), and so the ad showcases the secretive/stealthy capability of the Camera's AF within the Japanese cultural context.

The ad is actually pretty clever, as it throws in tech, culture, humor, and sexuality.

The Nikon ad, on the other hand, is a very un-creative take on the North American Male's insecurity that "He is not a REAL MAN unless he has the biggest, most expensive, highest-quality, toy"

They do the same thing with car commercials. Trucks, especially.

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