Any portable device to read the SD card by my iPad 3? Or transfer?

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Re: Any portable device to read the SD card by my iPad 3? Or transfer?

The bad grammer in your sentence makes it hard to figure out what you are asking exactly, but:

If you are trying to transfer information from a hard drive or sd card to the iPad's internal storage, you can use the Camera Connection kit or a third party equivalent to read from flash cards but only still images or short movies stored in a DCIM folder. It is really intended for loading camera media files.

If you want to add external storage to your iPad that you can use like internal storage, you can't.

If you are willing to live with certain restrictions, then you need to choose what restrictions are acceptable. Some hdd units have a wireless server mode, and support streaming to the iPad over one of the protocols it handles, or by installation of a supporting app. Items like AirStash provide a web server for the installed SD card so you can browse the content from the iPad. Apple provides iCloud for storage of iMatch music or iTunes media that can be accessed and then played over wireless. Amazon recently announced AutoRip, which gives their cloud player a digital copy of CDs you've purchased from them, which you can play from their iPad app. Finally, you can use something like AudioGalaxy to server your home content to your iPad where ever you are.

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