Getting it narrowed down E-PL3 vs GF5K

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Re: To add some confusion.

And to confuse myself even more I AM now also looking at the GX1..... aaaaarrrrggghhh!

  • The GX1 has a superior build and is more user friendly for people who enjoy photography than the EPL3 and GF5
  • The GX1 and EPL3 can be had for great prices since they are about to be, or now superseded
  • The GF5 is smaller and lighter than the GX1 and EPL3
  • The EPL3 produces lovely jpegs in good light
  • The EPL3 has an external flash
  • The GF5 has no hotshoe like the GX1 and EPL3
  • The GF5 and GX1 are made in Japan while the EPL3 is made in China
  • The EPL3 has a flip out screen, though at an odd 16:9 aspect ratio

I think the EPL5 and GX1 are best choices for range finder style µ43 bodies. The EPL5 producing the best images in low light and the GX1 being decent quality for a good price. If I were you I'd go for the GX1, or invest a bit more and get the EPL5. I'm more of the opinion that it's better to buy a camera that's been out for a while rather than the latest though, as the prices quickly fall..

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