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happysnapper64 wrote:

Hi eric. Good to hear from you again, hope you are well & best wishes for the new year. Yes I do wonder who is going to be next. Fortunately we have Wilkinsons Cameras near me, in Southport & Warrington. Just picked up a tripod from Wilkinsons that I ordered on Dec21st, having decided not to get it from Jessops!! Lucky me. I think Wilkinsons have 9 or 10 shops in the NW area, & I have had great service off them.

Hi Lee -

I've known of Wilkinsons for many years.. but they are a modest size group and not near me anyway so have never used them. But THEY are the kind that WILL survive I'm sure.. as such as they..and maybe like them, Mathers, and a few others, have always been as near you can get now to the old-type firms.
But I fear for Currys/PCW ..  I have one of each..both within 100 yards of each other on a local big Shopping Development site.. and ALL their shops have had big expense of a huge refurb over recent few years..but NOW in each case you go into either, there is FAR less stock and choice than even about 12 months ago. Too greedy of course - all these 'giants' have been the same - now it's coming home to roost..they must find it extremely difficult to cover huge running costs.. not so much different basically even with a lot of shops in general towns where they are in either Local Council owned shops or Developed sites - being aasked for huge Rents and Business Taxes which cripple them and at a time there is regularly decreasing available money about to spend.

Pity a lot of these local Councillors and Developers didn't take a stiff course in Economics I think !!

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