A housing compatible 4/3 and Micro 4/3 to the end of 2013

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EVF isn't really a limitation

After using the EM5 now for 5 months, the EVF is not so much of a limitation (much to my surprise!)

I've even experimented with it for birding with the 300/2.8 and it isn't the EVF so much as the crap AF and the AF area not being small enough for smaller birds amongst branches and foliage.

I'd hazard a guess that the next generation EVFs will be higher res and faster and it will be a non-issue (at least for me) - in fact it can have benefits. Sony after all have enough faith in them that they are wholly going EVF's on their cameras.

I'd have no hesitation if the new hybrid had an EVF to use with my long lenses.

9fps would be awesome too - without that flapping mirror, etc - another benefit for the mirror-less/EVF hybrid.

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