Nikon D800 or Oly OM-D?

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Re: Nikon D800 or Oly OM-D?

Well, I want to thank the entire community for sharing their wealth of knowledge, great advice, and beautiful picture samples.  I have read every single comment and have taken everything said here into consideration when making my decision.  I’m going with the OM-D.

I had the GF-1 since it was first introduced and I loved it for street photos when I used to travel a lot.  It was also great for hiking.  Then the next stage in my life was approaching…kids.  I figured that I needed something better to take photos of them.  The D800 seemed perfect for that.  But after issues with the left focus of the D800, reading all your thoughts and advice, and viewing tons of sample pictures of the OM-D,  I came to the conclusion that the OM-D was good enough IQ, ISO, and bokeh wise.  Thanks in part to the great lenses now available.  It’s not perfect of course (i.e. wish it had ISO 100) but the benefit of less bulk and weight just made more sense in my situation.  I also love the fact that you can preview long exposure (in Live View) as its taking the picture.  I sometimes take night sky shots and that feature would really coming in handy.  No more waiting the entire exposure duration to see what the image would look like.  The IBIS is cool too.

So the D800 is going back and I will anxiously wait for the OM-D probably along with the 45 f1.8.  Thanks everyone!

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