Canon SX220HS Versus Sony A550 DSLR - With Pictures

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Re: Canon SX220HS Versus Sony A550 DSLR - With Pictures

peter42y wrote:

I knew it all along. The Canon SX220HS was a little wonder. Now its official. I did shoot a friends living room with the Sony A 550 DSLR and the Canon SX 220HS.

Both pictures were Raw.

They were developed with ACD See 3 and Lightroom 2.5.

Top : Sony A550

Bottom : Canon SX 220 HS ( the little wonder).
If you cannot see the picture please click in my name , see the galleries, check album Sx220HS VS Sony A550 DSLR.
I uploaded both raw files.
You can check the exif.

As I pointed out the in other thread..

Looking at the EXIF';s


1/30th f/3.5 ISO6400


1/16th f/3.1 ISO1600

Very different amounts of light etc, your PP is rather inconsistent too..

Still, nice results @ ISO1600 on the SX220..

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