Getting it narrowed down E-PL3 vs GF5K

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Re: To add some confusion.

truedog wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

To throw a spanner in your decision process.....

The E-PL3 uses the now old Panasonic 12 MP sensor, while the latest E-PL5 uses a 16 MP Sony sensor that delivers better results. Has tilt up/down touch screen and other nice features. In this case the extra $$$ are worth it and equate to a better future proofing way to go. In other words the E-PL3 is obsolete now, the E-PL5 will be in another year.

Regards...... Guy

And to confuse myself even more I AM now also looking at the GX1..... aaaaarrrrggghhh!

I've shot with a GX1 for about 6 months and this week I upgraded to a E-M5.

Advantages of Panasonic: great handling and just a very nice compact camera

Advantages of Olympus: better JPEGs (OOC JPEGs are much more usable than Panasonic's), IBIS.

I'd personally choose the E-PM2 or E-PL5 if you're not looking at the OM-D. These 3 cameras share the same image sensor and it is amazing. ISO 6400 gives pretty clean shots whereas the GX1 is good upto ISO 1600. The E-PL3 has an inferior sensor to the GX1 I believe. Not sure about the GF5.

If you go panny, you won't be able to use Olympus lenses at longer focal lengths often because of image stabilization.

I'd say...

E-PM1, E-PL1~3, E-P1~2 < GX1, GF5, E-P3 < E-PM2, E-PL5 < OM-D, GH3

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