E-PL5: How many stops of stabilization?

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Re: E-PL5: How many stops of stabilization?

cptobvious wrote:

Considering this camera along with the 14/2.5 and 45/1.8, but also the kit lens and 40-150mm. With the telephoto, I'm wondering what minimum shutter speeds would be like @ 150mm. Thanks

Generally for the Pens I would consider about 3 stops the best available. In my case I think in terms of shutter speeds and whether I use the E-PL1 IBIS (functionally much the same in all Pens) or a Panasonic lens OIS, the advantage always seems to be about 10 times the shutter period.

I do happen to follow the old rule so at 150mm without stabilisation around 1/300 sec is my hand-holding limit (1/320 being nearest speed). With IBIS on that reliably goes to 1/30 sec as my slowest speed, ditto same for other focal lengths where say, 15mm would be 1/30 sec IBIS off but 1/3 sec IBIS on.

The precaution is that I found that the E-PL1 IBIS does add a very tiny amount of blur even at safe fast shutter speeds, so best to learn to use IBIS only when it is really needed. The later bodies of course may have refined that and work better. Best to take your own sets of test  shots at safe shutter speeds, say 10 shots with IBIS off then 10 with IBIS on and do some severe pixel peeping.

An aside with 150mm and IBIS off is that standing my limit is 1/320 sec, sitting is one stop better, and then sitting with arms stabilised on heavy chair arms I can get down to 1/30 sec without IBIS. So often just leaning against a tree or post makes a good improvement. That's the way I use non stabilised film cameras and had no shake problems unless the light really did get too low.

Regards...... Guy

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