D600 - all this noise and yet good sales..

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Re: D600 - all this noise and yet good sales..

eric wrote:

i almost always shoot wide open to f5.6

Long story short version: Its no big deal.

Just because the issue doesn't bother *you* when shooting at F/2.8 +/- a couple of stops doesn't mean that it is a non-existant problem.

There are lots and lots of people that shoot most of their photos at f/8 and beyond.

I used to shoot lots of long exposures where adding a ND filter (the most powerful I have is ND 500 - or in other words 9 stops) just isn't enough - you have to use a small aperture as well to get the exposure time you want.

I haven't done much of that since I got the D600 because of the extreme amount of dust/oil that re-appears surprisingly quick after a thorough cleaning.

The amount of cloning one has to do to 'fix' detailed parts of an image that is shot with a small-ish aperture is just ridiculous and not what I expect after having owned a handful of previous Nikon DSLR models that *did not have this issue at all*.

If Nikon had issued a warning along the lines that 'The D600 may not perform very well at apertures smaller than f/5.6' I wouldn't have any problems with this, because I wouldn't have bought it. Since no such warning is present I should not be considered a moron just because I expect the camera to perform on a level similar to their other DSLRs.

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