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Hi Kim:

my comment was said in reply to poster and to all in general. I think I say it as a wedding photographer. Nearly everyone in my field who is working full time, is a full frame cam shooter, and perhaps a few may use a second cam m43 for some pickup photos here and there but the FF is the main camera. There is still a big enough advantage to pro body FF or pro DX for speed and AF accuracy in difficult lighting conditions.

I however say that there are some professions that m43 could be used adequately and deliver the results. While it is possible for some pro users to use as main camera in certain fields, but I do not think any wedding photographer like myself would use m43 as a main camera due to when AF and speed is critical. Glad you agree.

News journalists may find the discreet and small nature of m43 very usable in the field, plus other professions where fast paced timing of photos are not always of highest importance like maybe some product photography or regular social coverage.

Landscapers can set up the photo carefully with tripod (or not, with the IS) and get the shot with a camera like OMD or GH3 will work. Lightweight and ease of use for travel is plus for them.

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