Retailer talked me out of OMD!!!!!!

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Re: Retailer talked me out of OMD!!!!!!

ianbrown wrote:

The one system approach I agree with, but how much IQ will I loosby for reducing weight etc?

Is the f2.8 lenses from Panasonic on the OMD body going to produce better IQ than third party on a FF, as I could only afford one lens of the FF as the body is more expensive.



There are lots of 3rd party lenses for any system which are really good. The Tamron 24-70 f2.8 VC being for a lot of people the sweet spot in terms of price/performance for a standard zoom on full frame bodies.

That said lets answer your question.

If you compare the O-MD to any of the current APS-C DSLRs you are not going to lose much using f2.8 glass. The only thing you'll "lose" is less DOF. And that isn't always a bad thing as people over use bokeh and end up with photos that are best described as a way to get a WTF reaction. High ISO it's pretty much a wash, in that I don't consider any crop camera to be satisfactory above iso 1600 and I prefer to keep them at 800 or below.

Compared to FF DSLRs you lose a bit more blur but again I don't think that's a negative. Less blur is sometimes a good thing and I'll explain more once I touch on ISO. FF vs O-MD in high ISO of course the FF wins but it's not a black and white situation. A few things makes the O-MD better than the simple spec and noise test suggests:

1) With less blur for any aperture setting than a FF you can shoot wider and still have more stuff in focus. This is especially useful with fast primes. It means that while yes you can get clearer ISO 3200 and above images from a FF you likely will have to stop down your lens to get enough things in focus with a fast prime. This could mean you need to boost your ISO, potentially eliminating the high ISO advantage

2) IBIS (everything I read that I see IBS) helps when shooting still life. ALOT. To me IBIS is the definitive answer to who's IS philosophy is right. Because it's sensor shift it can compensate for twist of the camera that can occur when you hit the shutter. It really is much much better than any canon IS lens I have used. And it works with any lens.

3) Are you going to be able to carry all that fast glass around with you? I mean primes or zooms FF lenses are going to break your back. So you might have a high ISO advantage on FF but if you can't bring the fast glass you need it's a pointless advantage.

And the one biggest weakness that the O-MD has which cannot be ignored for some is the lack of any realistically usable tracking AF. Personally, I know I only use servo AF on my canon gear maybe 2 or 3 times a year. So for me it's no big deal.

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