IS blurring : does your 24-105mm f4 L have this problem?

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Re: IS blurring : does your 24-105mm f4 L have this problem?

salamander1 wrote:

NerdblurbSteve wrote:

Mine had this issue. I sent it in to Canon back in back in November and they had to replace the circuit board. Once i got it back, i could shoot at apertures other than F/4 at 1/8th without any blurring issues. Before sending it in, anything other than F/4 with IS on was blurring at shutter speeds slower than about 1/125th.


and was this blurring at shutter speeds slower than about 1/125th. as visible as the examples provided above by the op? i mean, we are talking about some serious shutter speeds. you can go all day sometimes shooting at speeds between 1/50 - 1/125 if it's cloudy outside. is the blurring you're describing more discrete or is it as aggressive? could you please post some examples if you have the time and desire, of course. no rush.

Unfortunately, I no longer have the test images i sent along with the lens to Canon. However, the blurring on my lens was exactly like the examples in this thread:

Basically, with IS on and at apertures other than F4, the IS lens element would move at a 45 degree angle when the shutter was depressed. I could tell this was happening, because my focus point would slide back up and to left in the view finder once the shutter closed and I could see through the viewfinder again. 100% consistent and able to replicate. F4, everything was fine. F-anything else, always a blur at 45 degrees down and to the right at anything other than pretty fast shutter speeds.

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