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LouCioccio wrote:

Never ever write "nasty" like the old saying "something like fly's to honey than vinegar".

A year or so ago we purchased 1- washer and 2 Dryers; one set was gift to my son and his wife and dryer of us. The salesman said"we were eligible to all rebates" well doing the online rebates we were denied on one. My wife was a little upset as she has been in retail for over 30 years and dealing with customers.

I googled for the CEO and got his name told the wife write a letter NO E MAIL! Explaining what had happen and in the retail business that my wife was in the customer is always treated fair EVEN if they were wrong.

There is another site on computers the one with the bite and owners were having problems in the design of their computer as the power supply was on the bottom and the dual cpu's were liquid cooled. They would fail and leak; burned out the power supply. a lot of people got replacements and some got a new design; they were out of warranty by years!

SO write a letter to the CEO and just maybe it might work out okay.

Just my 2¢

Lou Cioccio

Thanks.  I am trying to do some completely valid focus tests, and also find some old photos that I think will illustrate backfocus.

If it turns out that the camera indeed looks faulty, I will ask Nikon to please take care of this as the problem existed before the warranty out, just as a new customer (that they'd like to keep) it took me this long to figure it out.  Also, that this is a known problem with this camera model.  Fingers crossed.

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