TLL is useful with umbrella?

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Re: TLL is useful with umbrella?

Hi, I think that's really tricky.

In a way I'm glad I bought Odins before the 622s were even heard of. Odins are great in use - & for over 12m now have proved to be completely reliable. I have updated their firmware twice - the last update was great. You can have 1 or 2 Groups in M with the remainder in ETTL - don't listen to those who say this "can't" work - it does, it's sublime (as long as you have half a brain and think about what is going on). I had several old 550Ex Speedlites - these with Odins are a match made in heaven. If you routinely use an external flash-meter, know that Odins require a workaround to circumvent the redundant Pre-flash in M.

However the 622s are extremely tempting (not for me, but for current buyers). The functionality loss is modest. Old 550Exs lose remotely adjusted M flash - which I would miss greatly - you need 'II' series Ex Speedlites for full compatibility. I would worry about the absence of a USB port, meaning that future compatibility with new Canon bodies is unlikely. But the price is astonishing!

Happy choosing ...

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