Jessops in admin.

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Re: Jessops in admin.

Big Ga wrote:

David Rosser wrote:

chris_uk wrote:

I read it to mean that they are probably all closed as of now!

Possibly their financial situation was much worse than expected when the administrators were appointed.

More details here .

Hmmm. That is a bit sudden isn't it.

Maybe the vast bulk of the stock value is in goods (mainly cameras) that are still owned by the manufacturers, hence these want the stuff back, rather than it being sold off in a closeout sale.


that was what i was thinking, no chance of snatching up some good deals....and also that's a hell of a lot shop space available, particularly in prime locations (Oxford Street, Strand) all in one go...retailing really is in bad shape in this country... 

and i see little reason for it, particularly for cameras...

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