Nikon D800 or Oly OM-D?

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Re: Nikon D800 or Oly OM-D?

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Note, NEW nIK 70-200 f4, 850g, yes a brand new design FF 70-200F4, 850g, wow! and its big.

35-100Pana, 350g

it's bigger because it's used on a larger sensor, why do people get so shocked by this.

That's not the primary reason it's bigger. It's bigger because it's twice the focal length in real terms, so it would be twice as long generally (I know it's not a simple lens, but generally it's true). And in order to acheive 200 f4, you generally need a 50mm font element (200/4). To acheive 100 f2.8 you need a 36mm (100/2.8) front element, so you need more glass as well for the Nikon, making it larger and heavier. The Nikon should also be more expensive since it has larger lens elements as well as at least equally superb optical qualities, but it's actually a little cheaper or the same as the 35-100. I bet unit costs for the Nikon are far higher than the Panasonic, although quantities would be a fraction of Nikon's sales.

If they were actually equivalent in DOF (so a 35-100 f2), it would also need a 50mm front element and, while being shorter, it would be nearly as heavy.

Hang on a minute? the 35-100 is a faster lens than the Nik f4, irrespective of dof, its faster, period. Its also more compact, not by much lol just less than 2/3rd. It covers the same focal length as the 70-200 on FF. So, why am I shocked, hello, its a monster lens, it only moderately fast in lower light and weighs a ton and has the same dof as m43 35-100 2.8, or therabouts. All in all I think its slam dunk for the Pana. Am not seeing what's to like with the 70-200, but each to his own.

An F4 lens on a FF camera has the same DOF as an F2 lens on mFT . I would explain equivalence yet again but someone would whine that everybody knows the facts about equivalence we don't need to hear it again obviously you and quite a few others never got the E word memo.

it weighs less than a bag of sugar, seriously these size and weight arguments are getting ridiculous, i replied to one guy on another forum concerning the weight of APS-C gear after he said a back pack would weigh 30lbs, i said for that weight i could carry 17 D5100's with 50mm 1.8G's attached, so lets keep it in perspective, there is no actually wrong or right just what you are able or want to carry.

My typical carry about FF kit consists of the D800, 14-24, Sigma 34mm F1.4 and the 105mm VR macro. It weighs in at just over 3kg, regarding image quality, the D800 easily outperforms every lens camera, the lenses give better DOF control with no equivalents in mFT lenses . You would need a 7-14 F1.4 , 17mm f.07 ,and 50mm macro at F1.4. Now this humongous , cumbrous,ponderous load hits the scales at 3.2 kg now to put this in perspective the average kids school bag weighs in at 6.6kg with 80% regularily carrying over 20% of their body weight . I am 6ft 4 and weigh in at just over 14st , so I probably weigh more than double what a school kid does , so I would need to be carrying a 13kg+ load constantly just to put the same strain as as a school kid. To match the 20% of bodyweight ( which is clearly not good for a kid ) my load would have to be at least 18kg.

For those of us who use DSLR gear as well as mFT , maybe we need a new phrase to describe the mFT " it's too heavy!!!" brigade.

Let's go positive " are you so strong you have moved from P&S to mFT in the search for image quality "

Or maybe negative "are you too weak for a real camera but want better quality than a P&S and will settle for mFT"


i shoot as you know a 500mm prime on a Nikon APS-C body, yes it's heavy but since m4/3rds has neither the reach or quality in a native lens the whole size and weight argument is pointless, put up with the weight or spend good money for something that won't do the job i do. Of course when i am going to visit some local castles i take the GF1 and 14mm and slip it in my pocket. Intelligent choices instead of knee jerk reactions.

The only downside of this is that i keep tripping over my humougously huge testicles

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