What if X-S1 release PRO version?

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Re: More likely to see

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Larry Winters wrote:

What really is disingenuous is basing an asumption on an older version when you know for a fact there is a newer and improved version available.

I have not seen anyone show that there is a significant difference in HR mode between older and newer versions of the X-S1.

Post em if you got em ...

I have never owned both versions at the same time so any comparions would be invalidated on that basis alone.. Plus I'm only saying get a new version and try it for yourself under your own style and conditions. Lets just say the new version X-S1 acuity is sharper in all modes and leave it at that.  If you don't believe it,  I don't really care to discuss it any further.

And yes, I agree. Some are more sensitive than others to the smearing I am talking about.

If you ever decide to try one with a 23 or later serial number to assure yourself of the new sensor/lens, you might find you like it more than you think. Kind of like back in the day when your original assessment of the s100fs was over priced with damaged IQ because of purple fringe. Later when you finally tried a few used ones for a cheaper price, your opinion changed to the more positive. Isn't that ironic the same product suddenly gets better when its cheaper. Its all relative and subjective.

All the older Fujis still have the worst CA in the business. If you don't mind processing it, then they are still viable cameras.

Correcting CA is one setting among many in RAW conversion and you state "if you don't mind processing it"? The s100fs RAW files process very nicely in LR so its no effort whatsover.

Yes. CA is well handled. PF is more challenging and that is where older Fujis, including the S100fs, really fell down.

As for RAW on the S100fs, it is a patient person's game, but it could certainly be done.

Processing RAW files in LR for the s100fs is no harder than any other non EXR camera.

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