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Re: Does this work?

joema1 wrote:

XeroJay wrote:

... I think for a PJ or wildlife photog, it's actually the most effective method, as it's the fastest way to get the shot with the composition and focus correct. It's certainly my "go-to" for any unpredictable parts of a wedding day.

Lateral tracking in 61-pt Servo AI may work better on your 1DX, but on my 5D3 it's just not reliable enough.

I shot a dimly-lit wedding reception two weeks ago, and it was difficult enough to even get a focus lock using a cross-type AF point. Lateral tracking for quick focus and recompose would never have worked.

If you try 61-pt auto and find it doesn't work, then you must switch AF area modes, by which time the subject opportunity is gone.

Also if I'm shooting at, say, 140mm at 2.8, the DOF is very shallow. I need the AF point exactly on the subject's eye. If I used 61-pt auto and AI Servo, and rely on auto tracking, when I focus and recompose, the system will search around looking for the original location and pick whatever it can find. It might be the eye, the nose, the eyebrow, etc. Often it gives up and just picks anything.

The difficulty is magnified in a dark venue since I can't easily see where auto-tracking has placed the black AF points. At least with single-point manual positioning, the AF point lights up when repositioned so I can see that.

So far I've shot 33,000 frames on my 5D3 and I haven't found auto-tracking sufficiently reliable to be worth the risk of missing a shot. I have another event in two weeks and may give it another try then.

Yeah, again; not my experience. In fact, I find that where 1DX is in a situation where the outer points don't have enough light to even acquire AF, they do just fine with tracking, since the center AF point can more easily handle the heavier task of grabbing initial AF.

As for the non-blinking AF points durring servo; that's a 5D3 thing for sure. The 1DX does flash the af points as it tracks.

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