LX7 Setup Guide and Tips and Tricks Video

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Re: LX7 Setup Guide and Tips and Tricks Video

mpgxsvcd wrote:

If you choose the Auto upper limit for Auto ISO then it will never use any higher than ISO 1600. I know ISO 1600 vs. ISO 3200 doesn’t sound like much. However, the difference between 1/60th of a second and 1/120th of a second shutter speed can be huge in certain situations.

That's the step I was missing, that full Auto ISO has a cap lower than one that can be manually set.   Thanks.

Set up the camera as I have described and try it out against the A,S,M modes. In good outdoor lighting you probably will get good results with any of those options. However, if you go inside you will need to manually adjust the settings to get the other modes to work.

I'll certainly give this a try, but I am curious.  You mention that the LX7 lens is sharpest stopped down slightly from fully open. Do you know what the optimal f/ stop is and whether that varies across zoom range?  I ask, because I rarely use the LX7 when I want to set and forget (I have a ZS20 for that).  So what I'm thinking I'm going to try, following part of your advice, is to set the aperture optimally in A mode along with a minimum shutter speed of at least 1/125 then set the ISO manually for the conditions.  This is close to the equivalent of shooting manually except that if I set the ISO high enough for the lighting conditions, I'll save the step of manually matching the shutter speed to the light meter (and if I guess wrong on the ISO and can't get a proper exposure on these settings, I can just then raise the ISO).  In sum, lots of control with minimum fuss.  Have you tried to shoot this way?  In any case, thanks for taking the time to respond.

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