Third Party Battery for NEX6?

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Re: Third Party Battery for NEX6?

adi9 wrote:

windowsmaclinux wrote:

Questions to all who bought the wasabi batteries + charger: How does it hold the battery in place? I saw a photo on the amazon product page that shows the charger having two plastic prongs sticking out to hold the battery and I think that will get broken easily if shoved into a bag. Thanks!

I have 3 different chargers (one is the original one). They all work well, but you are right the cheapest ones which you can find on eBay are the ones with prongs which can easy break.If you break the prongs becomes unasable as the battery will fall so be carefull. I don't use it when I travel only at home, I take the Sony one with me for travel. You can find on eBay also chargers which look like the Sony model, without prongs they cost a few more dollars. But like I said all do their job you can cahrge Sony or third party betteries on any of them.

I agree, if i where going to travel i would charge all my batteries before leaving, and take only the oem charger from sony, and leave the after market one home. Thanks for the heads up, if the tabs break off the charger is no longer useful, i wasn't sure just by looking, but you can bet i would try my rubber band idea 1st before throwing it out lol...

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