Blasphemy Alert : What difference would Leica make for me??

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jeff hladun
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Re: Blasphemy Alert : What difference would Leica make for me??

Roel, the shot above shows me you spent a moment to focus on the runner. That's fine, there is nothing wrong with doing that, but that lag between seeing the moment and capturing the moment tells me that this is a less-than-spontaneous shot. Again, nothing to sneer at and not meant as either a criticism or judgement.

However, had the lens been pre-set to hyperfocus, and all of the wasted focus in front of the runner had been pushed back to catch more elements behind him, then the runner wouldn't have been the centred and sole point of interest. That way, the viewer would have felt more spontaneity of the moment and a more passionate point of view from you simply because the runner is no longer the point of focus. Pre-setting a manual focus lens would have changed the mood of the image - this has nothing to do with the Leica or rangefinder experience. Adding spontaneity through zone focussing or hyperfocussing often adds an element of looseness to an image...which is not always to everyone's taste.

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