Portability v Quality are we obsessed by size?

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You are missing 1 parameter in your equation !

To me it is no longer only an issue between size and quality.

As others have mentioned, the new ILC'S (I have an OMD) have closed the quality gap. For most of my shots I would be incapable of seeing the quality difference between my 5D and my OMD.

My OMD has a faster AF than my 5D, a higher FPS, better high ISO performance and a 4 stop IS.

So why do I keep the 5D ? ERGONOMICS !

For me this is the biggest difference now between the 2 systems. I spent 3 weeks in the Himalayas this summer with my 5D and my OMD and I found myself reaching most of the time for the FF. Why, because it felt right, comfortable, I never had to fumble with the small buttons of the OMD. I love the viewfinder bright and clear, it is just a more user friendly tool, that allows you to concentrate on the shot not the camera.

I love my Olympus but I will not get rid of my FF. I have to admit that I have seriously reduced the size of my DSLR quiver since I got the Olympus, but I will not get a full M4/3 system just yet.

Both have their place in my photography, but one is not going to replace the other for the time being.

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