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Lifeofdavid wrote:

If you have the money go for it. By all acounts the RX1 is phenomenal camera. Incredible sensor, incredible lens, packed in a small body. Your definitely paying a premium that may in a year or two seem very steep but your getting a unique package at the moment. Everyone loves to tell other people how to spend their money but with the exponential growth of the mirrorless segment there are really tons of options for all types of photographers.

Thank goodness...you get it.

I'm sure other folks who have responded get it as well and are just trying to save me some money and potential headaches. For everyone's good intentions, experience is still the best teacher though.

Believe me, if I make a mistake on this...I'll admit it.

"Do you know what happens if we don't try?

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What's there to get? Seriously. If you want it, get it. Nothing is wrong with that. In fact that's one of the pleasures of modern life. (I have a nice Karmann Ghia with a flat-6 putting out nearly 200hp. I'm not one who resides entirely in the land of rationality.)

However, if you think there is some rational reason, or some photographic or experiential superiority, I'd love to know. Why? Simply because I'm curious. _I used to think the RX1 was the cat's meow._

After seeing the images from the RX1 and the Xtrans and the fantastic packaging of the X100/X100s...I no longer think that. But if you can show me my "error" I'll be grateful.


You're right, of course...there is nothing to "get."  I was just saying that LifeofDavid is the one of the few who hasn't tried to talk me out of it.  The point of my orginal post was that I got rid of a bunch of stuff to "finance" the RX1, but I couldn't part with my X100.  Very long way 'round to say I love the little bugger and don't think I'm interested in the X100s.

The beauty of having the means to live somewhat irratioanally is that there are no inherent errors, just experiences.  I never said anyone was wrong about anything they said.  Generally, everyone had good points.

My X100 packaging is the only packaging I've ever saved.  As to experiential superiority (or inferiority)...I won't know until I experience it.

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