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Adrian Van wrote:

m43 and the OMD are great system cameras for most people for personal use and can be used in some non action professional use like landscape, static portrait or product photos.

However, ask any or poll all event full time professional photographers which one they would use as first choice, and I would wager that nearly 100 per cent would pick full frame or high end aps-c dslr as their first choice for business use when we need to get it right with best total IQ (for AF speed/accuracy and low noise and resolution needed). If we are getting paid to take photos, the best IQ choice often wins and bulk/weight is less of an issue. We cannot afford to miss the action photo or miss focus in extreme conditions of low light photography, so pro FF cameras and some of advanced high end DX (Canon or Nikon) with its superior AF capture system ranks number one with most full time professionals in general. For our personal use and also for non action photo use, professionals possibly also own m43 cameras like OMD. EP/L series or G series panasonic or Sony brands etc. as a second camera. Sony is also offering excellent new FF camera as well.

You are actually wrong about this. The truth is, as always, somewhere in the middle.

Watch THIS if you want to learn something new.

Edit: Mr.Sciorio is also our fellow forum member, and if he is not a pro I don't know who is.

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