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Re: LCD is not WYSIWYG?

windwalkerone wrote:

Maybe someone can help me understand why Nikon does not show the pending results before you shoot the picture on the LCD?

Let me explain what I mean, I shoot a lot in manual mode. For example if I want to shoot some type of silhouette against a setting sun, I can adjust my aperture or speed and see the pending results on my LCD before I take the picture. On my Canon and Sony cameras I can do this but not with a Nikon. How would you take this picture using a Nikon camera?

The reason I'm asking this question is I would like to buy a Nikon P7100 as my hiking camera.

Thank you all in advance.

There is no way to preview the result in manual mode on the P7100. For shooting silhuettes and the like I therefore use the P-mode, spot meter the light parts, lock the exposure , reframe for composition, examine the result on the screen, and shoot.

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