What's Up With This Creative Cloud?

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I view it a little differently, perhaps

It is a curious thing with software, how we think of it is an ever changing amorphous creation, rather than a static free-standing purchase. Consequently, when a newer model comes out we feel hard done by if we are not party to the improvements.

We never think twice if it related to a car, a television, or a camera! I bought Sony A900 and now have Sony A99, but don't feel cheated that the upgrade wasn't free!

Of course, owing to the complexity in creating software and how it interacts with an OS and components, it has always been necessary to fix errors and bugs, with companies providing updates on an on-going basis.

Unfortunately, the boundary between a fix and an improvement is often blurred. Indeed, some companies seem to deliberately add to the confusion with their own business models and, curiously, we seem to accept some versions yet rail against others. One item of software I use has an annual fee that allows uptake of any new version within the year and you can be lucky or not as to when they appear! I don't think there is a perfect solution and I suspect that the most successful and wealthy companies will always be viewed with a good degree of cynicism.

As to Adobe in particular, it is easy to accuse them of 'gouging', given the high price of the titles they offer and the poor consideration allowed to upgrading loyal customers. However, this particular complaint over preferences given to 'cloud' over 'box' customers is rather unfair.

Like so many things, I think it is the fortune of the timing as to how hard done by people feel.

I have CS4 Web Design Premium and think it a little greedy of them to ask the sum they do to 'upgrade' to CS6. Indeed, there is no upgrade! Part of the reason I didn't participate in continual upgrades previously is because I couldn't upgrade program by program, but had to pay for the whole suite, which adds to the pain. I likely wouldn't be too bothered, but Photoshop Raw that covers the A99 will not run on CS4. Fortunately, most of my processing is done via Lightroom, of which version 4 is suitable and is a relatively cheap item. However, it is not fully integrated now.

This leads me to my conundrum and a measure of my good/bad timing: if I had a more recent version of CS, the upgrade would be an easy option. As they want full money for it, then the initial £340 for a year of 'Cloud' looks good. The £580 a year thereafter seems a little steep. However, if Adobe continue with their upgrade policy and compatibility continues to be an issue with future equipment, then it becomes a cheaper option (and one that Adobe clearly prefer).

So, it could be seen that I am unfortunate to be out of the 'box' loop of upgrades, but lucky to only be ready to upgrade now with the new option. As to whether anyone agrees goes back to my first point: how we view software as a purchase.

For me it is a fixed commodity. I am happy when it runs smoothly and will pay for a 'newer model' without too much complaint (if a cheaper better variety comes along I would jump ship!). The only real bugbear I have is when there are bugs. This is exacerbated when the software is expensive and the support is non-existent. THEN I get annoyed and expect to have updates free! Other than that, I can see the product offered and have the choice whether to buy or not, whatever the system of purchase, and there is no inherent unfairness.

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