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Re: Using flash

Direct, on-camera flash can work well, especially if you put the team at the foul line, away from the back wall of the gym, so no shadows will be seen.  If you can get up on a chair, a foot or so above the team, so much the better for minimizing any shadows that may show up back there.

I work with a 580EX, and have been using the bounce card with it.  ISO usually around 800, f/6.3.  It pretty much puts out full power at that set-up,  so there is a bit of a wait for it to recycle, but the bounce lessens the tendency for the background to go too dark.  If I put the 1d-IV on manual, I usually use a shutter speed of 1/60 or 30, to get some ambient light on the back of the gym.  You can also work in Av mode, but just be aware of the shutter speed that the camera is selecting, and make sure it is not too slow.

With your flash, I would either try direct, or up the ISO to 1600 or so if you want to try bounce.


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