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Re: Attachments for Macro

You can use the equations on the Cambridge in Color site that I referenced in the first response to calculate how much tube you need to get equivelent magnification on your 55-300 VR.

The problem with tubes, is that you lose light immediately and with that you also (mostly) lose the ability to auto focus. So you will be trying to manual focus with a consumer zoom that is not very well made for manual focus. The focus throw is short and the focus ring is dry-ish and imprecise compared to old Nikkors and other lenses made for manual focusing.

In fact you are probably better off trying to use tubes on your shorter lenses like the 18-105 VR since it has slightly better manual focus ring and it is a shorter lens overall.

The recommendation to look at a used MF macro is a good one. I have the Nikon 55 f/2.8, the Nikon 55 f/3.5, the Tamron 90 Adaptall f/2.5 as well as several other close focusing lenses like the Voigtlander 90. They do very well and meter on the D7000. I saw an old Kiron/Phoenix 100mm the other day and almost bought it myself. However the price of entry for a lens in decent shape is about $250 or so, which is 3x the cost of a Canon 500d in 52mm threads.

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