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Re: For all that is holy

drv320 wrote:

Fair enough...you got me on the "mature" thing.

Fuji seems to have a nasty habit of releasing cameras that are less "mature" than other makers. I have no reliable proof that this time will be any different. Sure, the RX1 is a luxury (and expensive), but the X-Pro1 was no slouch in the "charging a premium" department when it was released.

In short, I don't know what's so special about FF. I know what I've read and seen, but that doesn't stand-in for use. I want to find out for myself. I can't intelligently engage in any conversations about it until I've had experience with it.

As someone who has purchased 3 different systems over the years, I can say that in my experience, Fuji is no different. In fact I would say they're somewhat superior as they do indeed update/upgrade/fix their products via FW.

Think otherwise? Have a look at the Sony NEX cams/system. Lenses? Really... Remember the enthusiast NEX-5? No longer compatible. The NEX-7... flash no longer compatible. FW updates for either? Keep waiting.

Or consider the Canon EOS-M. What fix/update/upgrade could make that thing usable/attractive/interesting.

Nikon... Nice 1-system.

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