Retailer talked me out of OMD!!!!!!

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Re: Retailer talked me out of OMD!!!!!!

The image quality of the OMD system is very, very good- and the camera body is very, very good. If you are talking at the extreme limits, then, sure- a FF is going to be "better"... when you blow a print up to poster sizes- or go pixel peeping.... but how extreme do you need to be? I agree that trying to maintain and operate 2 different systems is not a good idea on many levels... and buying other than the best glass- if image quality is what you're after- is also not a good idea. Pairing up a top line body with a mediocre lens is a sure sign the salesman has other intentions besides what is best photographically- and for your best interests. While a F/F DSLR with the best glass will certainly outshoot an OMD with the best glass at the extremes, how much do you really need??? 
I think you probably get more, better and more diverse advice here than from a salesman working on commission with his own agenda or background/predjuices that he may have.


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