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Re: Testosterone v Experience

Bob Tullis wrote:

SlamdunK wrote:

Bob Tullis wrote:

SlamdunK wrote:

I don't think so. I don't typically carry a camera unless I have the time to devote to it rather exclusively.

I can understand that, personally however i can bring my gf2 with the 20mm wherever I go, my best shots have come in a random fassion when I happend to have great IQ in my pocket. I had the GH2 for a short while, but returned it quickly as I mostly used my GF-1 (at the time) anyway.

You don't have to sell me on this format or it's selling points. I've used DSLRs for longer than you've been shooting with phones and µ4/3.

Good for you! Surley you must be a much more competent photographer then me. did you like my blog?

No. It's a little too "I know everything" for me.

Sorry to dissapoint you.

I went there to see what sort of experience with DSLRs you might drawing from. Because you speak like you have a good grasp of what challenges professionals and advanced enthusiasts deal with - but you show snapshots. I was looking for work that took a little more determination and effort than that.

It's not about like-dislike, it's about your experience in relation to your pontification.

It would be better if you argued my arguments instead of bashing my experience. I am not sure you know enough of my photos or experience to do that.  If what I am saying doesnt make sense, why dont you just come with some smart/factual counter points?

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