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+1 here. Would rather get the x100s. Though no one outside fuji really knows how well the x100s performs compared to the rx1, a few things certain which makes the x100s more appealing is the hybrid viewfinder. The RX1 does not even have a viewfinder which looses its 'professionalism' as a full frame. Another thing is the price. If you add the price of the viewfinder to the rx1, the RX1 would almost be thriple the price of the x100s! Though DXO has given the rx1 an extremely high score, I cant say I am sure I want to pay over $3000 for one. I guess other than the huge sensor I am paying for the zeiss lens.

And lastly who knows if the x100s would have the great high ISO of the XE1.

...and there's one of the issues I can't shake. Fuji haven't released a "mature" X camera yet. Every time they've released, it's been a camera Fuji thought was good enough, but few users shared their opinion. We've been left with what they could be. Not bagging on Fuji...at all. I have an obvious soft spot for them as I couldn't get rid of my X100.

  • X100s is an unknown commodity...except on paper.
  • X-Trans sensor...already have one in my XE-1. It's pretty awesome, but I don't know that I want to put all my eggs in the X-Trans basket.
  • PDAF...doesn't really concern me that much. I don't shoot sports or other fast moving activities (or VERY low light stuff) very often...and if those needs arise, I almost always know about it in advance.
  • Viewfinder...I do like having a viewfinder when I need it, but I'm not uncomfortable without it.

I think the X100s is going to be really tough to get until October (or later). Regardless of how good they say the camera will be, spec sheets don't make photographs.

I've been wanting a FF camera for some time now, but do not want another DSLR (or a Leica). I see this as the perfect introduction (for me). If I only looked at spec sheets and took opinions as fact, I'd have never ended up with my X100 in the first place. I could be 100% wrong about everything I'm thinking...or I could be 100% right. I'll never know unless I try.

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Most people would rather die than think; many do.
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Do you want a mature camera? What does that look like?

And again, let me ask you - what is so special about full-frame? (I'm truly curious because there may be something I've been missing with my FF cameras over the years.)

Fair enough...you got me on the "mature" thing.

Fuji seems to have a nasty habit of releasing cameras that are less "mature" than other makers.  I have no reliable proof that this time will be any different.  Sure, the RX1 is a luxury (and expensive), but the X-Pro1 was no slouch in the "charging a premium" department when it was released.

In short, I don't know what's so special about FF.  I know what I've read and seen, but that doesn't stand-in for use.  I want to find out for myself.  I can't intelligently engage in any conversations about it until I've had experience with it.

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Most people would rather die than think; many do.
~Bertrand Russel

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