What is the point of the HYBRID OVF?

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OVF focus confirmation

shigzeo ? wrote:

I've been re-reading my posts and I agree - my grammar is atrocious. Oh well. The reason I am vocal is that I would really like the X-Pro. It encompasses so much of what I like in a camera, but has some very serious faults. The X-E1 is, as said, probably the easiest thing to cope with because it lacks the thing that I really want to use: OVF. As you know from my posts, I think the OVF is worthless for my photography. That opinion is obviously a minority report.

As for the marketplace, there isn't really any choice as far as I'm concerned: shutter releases are non-standard, exposure is done on non-labeled dials, ditto exposure correction, remote control releases, etc. Fuji did so much right to the camera, I just feel that they skimped on the one feature they trumpet most: HYBRID OVF.

Had they marketed it as an OVF and had not said it does cool things, there'd be no reason to hope. But there there is, or has been. I had hoped that the HYBRID part of the OVF would really be used, but it isn't. That's it.

The lenses, bit I brought up as they came up in the thread. I really think they are great. I am amazed, actually at them. But they don't work for my photography and that is that.

It seems to me that Fuji should be able to do focus peaking in the OVF. Meaning, the current technology of a X100s + X-Pro1 should allow that. The potential hangup is the resolution of the electronic overlays in the OVF. That may help meet some of your wishes.

But the big question is the resolution of the OVF imager/"over-layer" and the compute-display pipeline.

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