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Roberto de La Tour wrote:

Hugowolf wrote:

You will probably find Lightroom has enough tools for your needs.

The problem with Photoshop, apart from the price, is that it is designed for single image processing.

Brian A

May I barge in? I have a stupid question, but after all this is a beginners forum :-). I already heard this, "single image processing" versus "batch processing"

Huh? Most of the time, I need to do some editing to few pictures, very different from one another, and with very different kind of editing. OK if you shoot tons of pictures in the same place with the same light and you want to change the WB, but for the rest?

Why id batch processing so prized? To do what?

Cheers Roberto

I wouldn't call it barging in at all.  It's truly a good question.  As Hugowolf points out, you can batch things like RAW to JPEG conversions.   Not only that, but at the sime time you can custom name/number all the files; create and save them to a new folder; custom size them; add your watermark/copyright, and more, all in one small screen with a few checkboxes, dropdowns, and text boxes.  You fill in those few things and ALL of those things happen to ALL the pictures you've selected at the SAME TIME.  In minutes.

If anyone has LR and wants to be talked through it one time, just open the program then call me.  I'll walk you through the very quick, easy process, and from there on out you'll be using it all the time.

LR really excels when you go out to some event and shoot hundreds of photos and want to go through them, sort them, label them, clean them up a little bit (or a lotta bit), convert them to JPEG so everyone can open them on their computers, then get them on to disc or upload to the internet, and do it all very quickly.  "Workflow" is where I find LR to impress me.  I can shoot 1,200+ shots at a wedding on Saturday, work on them Sunday, and upload them Monday.

But even if you NEVER plan to do this kind of thing and just want to shoot your kids & pets and a few sceneries, LR is, IMHO, very easy to learn with an intuitive interface that produces excellent results.  And it's low price is appealing too.


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