What is the point of the HYBRID OVF?

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Re: Are you the Fuji marketing department?

shigzeo ? wrote:

I've been re-reading my posts and I agree - my grammar is atrocious. Oh well. The reason I am vocal is that I would really like the X-Pro. It encompasses so much of what I like in a camera, but has some very serious faults. The X-E1 is, as said, probably the easiest thing to cope with because it lacks the thing that I really want to use: OVF. As you know from my posts, I think the OVF is worthless for my photography. That opinion is obviously a minority report.

As for the marketplace, there isn't really any choice as far as I'm concerned: shutter releases are non-standard, exposure is done on non-labeled dials, ditto exposure correction, remote control releases, etc. Fuji did so much right to the camera, I just feel that they skimped on the one feature they trumpet most: HYBRID OVF.

Had they marketed it as an OVF and had not said it does cool things, there'd be no reason to hope. But there there is, or has been. I had hoped that the HYBRID part of the OVF would really be used, but it isn't. That's it.

The lenses, bit I brought up as they came up in the thread. I really think they are great. I am amazed, actually at them. But they don't work for my photography and that is that.

You're looking for a really interesting camera that a few people would buy, but probably not enough for a manufacturer who's trying to reach a mass market would ever go after. Maybe a niche manufacturer who specialize in the highest quality at the highest prices understanding the market for what they do is very rarified would be the one to do it. They sort of already do - Leica. Those are purely manual but it sounds like you want a simulated manual approach so why not go straight to the source...

The "hybrid" viewfinder is only a hybrid in that its a mix of an OVF and EVF with plenty of information shown on the OVF as well as the EVF. That was a hell of a trick when Fuji first did it with the X100. I think it was plenty difficult to port that concept over to an interchangeable lens system. And it works incredibly well for those of us who like having both the option of an EVF for precision work and close work and an OVF for a clearer view, a larger view (beyond the frame), and a view that's absolutely in real time without any microscopic delay or not-so-microscopic  lag and smearing with movement, particularly in marginal and low light. THAT's all they meant by hybrid - it was pretty exciting to a lot of folks. And obviously not even remotely exciting to a lot of other folks.

What you're asking for is something that I suspect would have a very small audience. I get it, though - I really do. I have very quirky tastes and wants and requirements myself and I've had to pass on a number of REALLY nice cameras because they make zone focussing a massive hassle. And I've come to love other marginal cameras just because they do that so well and make it so easy to change and adjust on the fly. There aren't a lot of people with my specific list of hopes and dreams so camera manufacturers aren't specifically after the sub sub sub market I"m part of. When someone makes a camera I want to like but don't for specific reasons like that, I just move on to the next option.

I think that's where you are. If the OVF manual focus features you're looking for are critical to you, I think you just have to look elsewhere because I don't think enough of us are looking for it for Fuji to spend a lot of time and resources on it when they could be spending time and resources on stuff with a bigger potential market.

In short, I don't think Fuji has failed in their implementation of the "hybrid" viewfinder - I just think they defined it differently and had different goals for it than you do. Which is all fine - nobody's right and nobody's wrong here, but the paths aren't meeting!


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