I HAD a spot on my Image Sensor

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capt bob
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I HAD a spot on my Image Sensor

Well this spot on my sensor all the way over on left side kept bugging me any lens over 200 mm and it was in my Face I shoot a lot of 400-500 and with 1.5 or 2X made me crop every image to Remove

the Booger , I am not sure what it Was but leaning towards a spec of Diet Coke , I tried hand blowers

dusters and no resolve but after dumping 30-40 Pics from Clearwater Harbor last night had enough

of the Spot .

I have a Trijicon Lens pen that came with a Stupid expensive Military Rifle Sight and in the

Literature   "safe for all lens surfaces"  I think it is the same as the Regular lens pen but

has the Scope name on it , I  gave the Cap a twist and with gentle pressure worked the effected

area and then took a  "magicfiber" cloth and wiped the sensor down with the pip of the Lens pen and

Viola no more spot .  This was a leap of faith on my part and do not say it's safe to do but saved

my Bacon.

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