What is the point of the HYBRID OVF?

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Re: What is the point of the HYBRID OVF?

shigzeo ? wrote:

I will use my other lenses, which, faults as they may be full of, are prescious lenses to me that can be used on my rangefinders and on other digital cameras or adopted for micro use on SLRs. If I were coming straight into a new digital system, I'd happily go with the FUji, but I'd still wonder why I can't do have the things with my lenses and metering system that I can do with a meterless Canon P.

Sharpness isn't everything to me.

I've never invested in electronics that have no mechanical anchor. I can't imagine ever doing it, either. As nice as they are, Fuji's lenses are cheap for their optical performance because of a number of hardware shortcuts. Plus, they are SLR lenses, and because they are all electronic, they are dead completely without a body. THat sort of commoditising I really really dislike. I live in Japan where every year, things are losing functionality because they are going automatic. At home, I can't flush the toilet if the power goes out or the remote control frays.

Japan is full of stupid ideas because no questions how things are being made. Today, it's everything even toilets all computers or nothing and it won't last. My Canon and Nikon lenses from the 1960's and 50's have a number of issues: Nikon's front element rotates with focus, Canon, aperture blades are delicate. But both work on any system and are made to last.

You cannot free lens with the Fuji glass, cannot use extensions unless they are electronic, can't trip apertures open or closed via wire. As good as they are, they are simply nothing without batteries.

O image - audio photography

well, I don't see any product on market (digital) with OVF and option to use legacy glass. In the EVF equipped camera market there are several alternatives.

I use OVF and I given away and sold my Nikon gear and replaced it with X100 in 2011, a couple of months ago I added X-Pro1 and will use only XF lenses and nothing else. As I mentioned in another thread I will only have wide, standard and portrait lenses - that's it, 3 lenses and X100(S).

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